High School Sports Zone (HSSZ) provides High School Athletic Conferences with customized league management software. The software is a web-based system with a focus on dramatically improving the flow of information between coaches, league convenors, players, parents, school administrators, and the media.

How does HSSZ Work?

HSSZ includes many time-saving features but the most important are involved with game scheduling and score reporting.

Watch this YouTube video for a one minute explanation of the software.

The basic idea is as follows:

  1. Prior to the season the League Convenor logs in to the web site to enter the league schedule.
  2. On game day one coach logs in to the site and enters the score.
  3. League standings are updated automatically.
  4. Scores are immediately available for everyone to see.
  5. Scores are immediately sent to text message subscribers and to the league's Twitter account.
  6. Media contacts (newspapers, radio, television) are automatically emailed the scores at the end of the day.

The Benefits

League Convenors


School Administrators

The Media